Obsessed with Reaching Personal & Professional Goals

We are obsessed with reaching goals, being more productive, and achieving our own personal goals in all areas of life. As the author of the Konnect series of products I have been obsessed with our human journey of becoming better each day. The series of Konnect products now available to you started many years ago when I was teaching the business community how to be more productive at work with less stress. Hearing that I had changed lives with my Konnect system, is when I started to create the series that is before you today.
Enjoy the Konnect companion you choose. Enjoy the journey of a better you.
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Crafted With Intention

The Konnect Journals and Notebooks are crafted with specific goals in mind. Each one dives into the purpose of their intended purchaser. There are over 35 Konnect products each one as diverse as their usage. The intention of all Konnect products are to make it easier for those that use it to reach their personal or professional goal. We have personized daily journals with over 300 names and to-do list notebooks with over 100 names. From project and task management, to achieving better grades, or becoming more productive at work. We have a solution worth consideration.
Duarte Gouviea
Duarte Gouviea
Welcome to the world of Duarte Gouveia, a seasoned business consultant with over two decades of industry experience. With a profound background in Lean Six Sigma and Business Management, Duarte is a dedicated professional who has made significant contributions to the realm of business strategy and leadership.
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What are the Next Steps on our Journey?

We want to make your personal and professional goals easily attainable, and our belief is that it can be done with the simple act of writing with a pen and paper. It’s common knowledge that we forget most of what we come across in our daily lives as studies have shown. These same studies show that we retain about 10% of what we experience as memories after one month. Journals and notebooks become our personal library that include our achievements, personal insights, experiences, and more. Many of us prefer pen and paper compared with other digital formats but don’t know why. It could be because of the feeling that we get from this simple activity, or that we remember much more when we write things down on paper. Regardless of what it is, it just feels right.

Its Not Just For You

We have made our journals and notebooks for everyone who is on a journey to a better self. They are perfect gifts for the people in your life that you care about. Whether it’s a birthday gift or another special occasion, giving them a Konnect gift not only says that you care about them but that you support them in their personal journey. They will remember you each time they use their gift from you. They will know that someone in their life supports their dreams, their drive, and their journey. They will know that you are with them.
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Konnect To Do List Notebook

Personalized For You

Konnect has two series of personalized notebooks and journals. They are the To-Do Notebooks and the Daily Journals respectively. There are more than 100 names for the To-Do Notebooks, and approximately 300 names for the Daily Journals. We wanted our friends to have the books in their names. If you cannot find your name than purchase the Konnect To-Do Notebook or the Konnect Daily Journal and know that we created both of them with the same intention and purpose that will drive you towards your goals.